Why did we organize this International Vitality Conference?

Prevention. The new modus operandi.

Over the past 10 years, a lot of attention has been paid to stress and burn-out — an important step forward. Yet, stress reduction is not enough to sustainably address our greatest challenges within organizations. As soon as symptoms appear, we look for an effective way to combat and alleviate these symptoms. We will respond as soon as the crisis has arrived, for example in the form of burnout or other types of (psychological) absenteeism. That is why it’s important to shift our focus from curative to prevention. With a worldwide conference, we are taking a first serious step toward more vitality by making the preeminent knowledge about vitality available to a large audience so that prevention can become the new standard.

HR 2.0. High time for innovation!

In recent years, increasing amounts of relevant knowledge has been gathered about mental illnesses such as burnout. More and more organizations are addressing issues of wellbeing and vitality among employees. We, from The Dutch Expertise Centre for Vitality, have seen what different interventions within organizations can bring about. However, we are not there yet. That is why we believe it is time for a boost of innovation in the field of HR analytics, to act preventively, and to start a movement about vitality. This conference is a great step forward. By bringing together HR professionals, employers and experts worldwide, we can combine forces and make a difference. It’s time for change!

Sharing knowledge worldwide.

Every day, The experts at The Dutch Expertise Centre for Vitality are busy gathering the latest scientific insights, theories and developments in the field of vitality and are making them practical and applicable for the working person. That’s why we meet experts and professionals from various sectors who have the most wonderful knowledge and experiences in-house. This conference offers a great platform to share this knowledge and experience with the rest of the world. We have therefore put together a wide range of professionals, each with a different background, working in different sectors: from scientists to HR professionals and directors. We look forward to inspiring you on the April 22, 2021.

Who are we

The Dutch Expertise Centre for Vitality (NEV) serves leading companies and organizations that want to invest preventively in the sustainable employability and vitality of their personnel and management. We do so by using structural solutions in the form of high-end diagnostics, scientific and measurable interventions that result in a return (efficiency) on human and financial capital.

Our interventions are based on scientific frameworks that have not previously been made practically accessible to the Dutch market. Our integral combination and application of positive psychology, neurobiology and systems science is unique. Thus, NEV brings together scientific research, years of practical experience and digital solutions to make vitality accessible to everyone who has an interest.

NEV consists of a Learning & Development department that, together with customers, develops integrated solutions for sustainable absenteeism reduction and employability and a Health Innovation department that continuously improves the quality of our services and products in terms of quality and impact through technology and scientific research.

We have one mission: to make health and vitality available to everyone.

For more information, go to: www.expertisecentrumvitaliteit.nl

10.000+ Employees more vital, more stress resistant and happier.