APRIL 22, 2021



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Elbrich Batstra, HR Directeur, Young Capital
Importance of Fostering Chemistry Between People
Bas Snippert, MSc, Head of Learning & Development, Nederlands Expertisecentrum Vitaliteit &author of ‘De Vitaliteitsrevolutie'
Conquer the Stress Epidemic with the 7 Pillars of Vitality'
11:00- 11:45
Bas Snippert, MSc, Head of Learning & Development, Nederlands Expertisecentrum Vitaliteit &author of ‘De Vitaliteitsrevolutie'
Increase Engagement through Humanity Centered Leadership
Nisha Alberts & Rielle Nij-Bijvank, Zilveren Kruis, Achmea
The Future Role of Health Insurers and their Commitment to the Vitality Landscape
Nisha Alberts (Zilveren Kruis), Chiel van Kollenberg (Chi Factum) and Bas Snippers (Nederlands Expertisecentrum Vitaliteit).
Panel discussion
Employers are Responsible for the Vitality of their Employees
Short break
Daniel Krikke, Director Nederlands Expertisecentrum Vitaliteit & Author of 'De vitaliteitsrevolutie’
Get a Grip on the Causes of Absenteeism, Work Pressure and Work Stress
Hanneke Molema, Director Innovation Center for Lifestyle Medicine TNO
From Vitality to Well-being
16:45- 17:30
Cees Endhoven, HR Directeur, University of Amsterdam
The power of vital leadership: how leaders can inspire and vitalize their employees
Rachel Pico, HR business partner and leadership- and EFT coach
Experience How EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Can Contribute to a Vital Life.

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Elbrich Batstra
Directeur HR, Young Capital
Elbrich Batstra has been HR Director at YoungCapital since November 1, 2013. Elbrich’s heart lies in personally guiding employees through their career; in their current employment situation or towards the next step. Elbrich: “I have the privilege of working in an enormously innovative organisation. The strength lies in future-oriented thinking and acting. YoungCapital is a warm beating heart and the place to work!”

Importance of Fostering Chemistry Between People.

Young Capital is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. HR Director Elbrich Batstra will walk you through the adventure of how the focus on autonomy, culture and sustainable employability contributed to the growth and success of YoungCapital. And not unimportant: how Batstra and her team do everything they can to maintain the DNA, despite the continuous growth of the company.

Conquer the Stress Epidemic with the 7 Pillars of Vitality.

How do you ensure that you promote sustainable vitality while increasing resilience and productivity? In order to achieve this, we must take an integral look at our own health and vitality. That’s why Vitality Expert Bas Snippert will introduce you to the new science of vitality. Discover the latest theoretical insights about vitality and receive practical tools you can immediately apply in practice.

Bas Snippert, MSc
Head of Learning & Development bij het Nederlands Expertisecentrum Vitaliteit
Bas Snippert specializes in the science of stress and vitality. He works as Head of Learning & Development at the Dutch Expertise Center for Vitality and provides training and coaching to managers and professionals within knowledge organizations. He has built up his expertise during academic training, mentoring of international experts and continuous personal development. Bas combines this with insights from psychology, neurobiology and systems science. He writes about this in various publications, including the new book ‘The Vitality Revolution’ with co-author Daniel Krikke. Bas goes on an annual retreat to Plum Village and is a mentor within the Neuro Systemics program of The Swiss Institute of Mindfulness.
Chiel van Kollenburg
Founder ChiFactum
Chiel van Kollenburg is an energetic entrepreneur and believes that we have to bring the power of the spirit back to the way nature intended. He studied health management and cultural anthropology and has spent the past 15 years studying vitality, culture and leadership. From his first company Adaptics, where he was director and owner for 11 years, he advised many large companies in the Netherlands. Adaptics became the leading health management agency in the Netherlands. For the past 3 years he has been associated with ChiFactum, an organization that helps leaders to increase their impact on the well-being of their employees, organization, society and the planet. They do this based on Humanity Centered Leadership.

Increase Engagement through Humanity Centered Leadership.

A Humanity Centered leader is a leader who holds himself accountable for the impact of his choices and behavior on his people, the organization, society and the planet. 70% of the level of employee commitment is based on the behavior of the leader. In this presentation, you get more information about the influence that leaders can have on the culture of their company and thus on the engagement of their people.

The Future Role of Health Insurers and their Commitment to the Vitality Landscape.

Our society faces major challenges in the field of health and wellbeing. For years, Zilveren Kruis, the largest health insurer in the Netherlands, has been working with employers to make a positive contribution to the vitality landscape. They do so by bringing innovations and employers together. During this presentation, experts Nisha Alberts and Rielle Nij-Bijvank will take you through the vision, ambition and ecosystem of Zilveren Kruis’s business market. The experts will show which developments are taking place in the market and which innovations are responsible for this. On the basis of best practices at employers, they provide a look behind the scenes and offer tips & tricks you can use in your own organization.

Nisha Alberts
Gezond Ondernemen Zilveren Kruis
Riëlle Nij-Bijvank
Consultant Gezond Ondernemen at Zilveren Kruis
As a consultant, Nisha Alberts has been active in the field of integral health and wellbeing management for many years. In doing so, she inspires and supports employers in activities that contribute to optimizing the health and wellbeing of employees.

It is Riëlle Nij Bijvank’s personal motivation to help organizations move towards more well-being for employees. As a consultant with an HR background, she supports employers in the steps necessary for the strategic embedding of health and wellbeing.

Daniel Krikke
Directeur Nederlands Expertisecentrum
Vitaliteit & Auteur van 'De Vitaliteitrevolutie'
HR Development Specialist Daniel Krikke is founder of the Dutch Expertise Center for Vitality. After reading about a burn-out epidemic 6 years ago, the subject has never left him. Lack of innovation and productivity, and losses in both human and financial capital was what triggered him. Five years of scientific research followed, with one goal: a preventive solution to the burn-out problem. After years of scientific research, the Dutch Expertise Center for Vitality came to life, where he supports large organizations to develop a preventive vitality policy in an integral way. In his book ‘The Vitality Revolution’ with co-author Bas Snippert, years of scientific research and practical experience come together to form the roadmap for preventing burnout and creating employee vitality.

Get a Grip on the Causes of Absenteeism, Work Pressure and Work Stress.

Absenteeism, work pressure and work stress are just a few of the many topics that play a role in almost every organization. Before you intervene, it’s important to understand the causes of absenteeism and work pressure perception. During this presentation, you will get an idea of ​​how stressors and resources can be identified using the latest innovations in HR analytics and how these stressors can then be linked to the right interventions for optimal vitality promotion within organizations.

From Vitality to Well-being.

Millions of Dutch people suffer from chronic, non-communicable diseases. Sometimes medications are their main treatment option. However, we are learning more and more how specific lifestyle interventions can contribute to effective treatment of these diseases. According to a recent collection of scientific evidence from the Netherlands Innovation Center for Lifestyle Medicine, changing a lifestyle is not easy for an individual. During this presentation expert Hanneke Molema will explain why and how the work environment can offer many possibilities for the effective deployment of lifestyle interventions.

Hanneke Molema
TNO Healthy Living
Nederlands Innovatiecentrum voor Leefstijlgeneeskunde – Lifestyle4Health
Hanneke Molema (PhD) is a senior consultant at TNO, focusing on lifestyle and innovations for health. In June 2018, she became part of the management team of the Dutch Innovation Centre for Lifestyle Medicine – Lifestyle4Health. Lifestyle4Health’s mission is to halve the disease burden in lifestyle related diseases in the next ten years. This is only possible when people are able to control their health and when lifestyle interventions are a central building block of healthcare. Within Lifestyle4Health, Hanneke is working on an open, national lifestyle medicine platform that connects, coordinates and increases impact.
Cees van Endhoven
HR Director Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
During his career, Endhoven has mainly worked in the corporate sector for organisations like ING, Sweco and Exact and is now working for the first time in the education sector. Endhoven was recruited because a major transition had taken place within the University of Applied Sciences. Together with a number of colleagues, he was given the task of putting the transition into practice. According to Endhoven, an important task of HR is to know how the organisation is structured and what is needed. Provide added value and consider who you are helping with your services.

The power of vital leadership: how leaders can inspire and vitalize their employees

How do you support the vitality of over 4000 employees and 50.000 students? Cees Endhoven is HR Director at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has taken on this daunting task with a unique approach. In this presentation he will share his experiences in organizing effective vitality programs that inspire people to take their next step in becoming more vital. Literally, because one of the cornerstones for Endhoven’s approach is to offer employees new ways to become active and moving. Endhoven will share his experiences as HR Director at AUAS, ranging from the personal to the professional: how to be a role model for vitality as a leader, while inspiring and offering new opportunities for employees to become more vital.

Experience How EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Can Contribute to a Vital Life.

Nowadays, when our personal and work life is increasingly intertwined, it’s sometimes difficult to find the balance. We occasionally feel overwhelmed or experience a blurring mind and are no longer able to perform as well as we were used to. Specialst Rachel Pico is on a mission to bring EFT to the attention of employers, as a targeted intervention for employees who get stuck, have unclear physical complaints, experience excessive stress and many other situations. EFT is an approachable method that helps quickly and effectively meet these challenges. Discover and learn for yourself during this presentation.

Rachel Pico
Eigenaar P.I.C.O. HR Consultancy
HR Business Partner, Leiderschaps- en EFT coach
Rachel Pico has her own HR consulting company and serves as HR Manager, HR Business Partner, EFT & Leadership Coach at Alex van Groningen, MLP Newco and Why Branding, among others. She has built up her knowledge in positions such as HR Manager at TKB, Team Manager at the Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering and Reintegration Coach at Lengersdorf. Case management is now an area of expertise within the HR spectrum. In conversations with (sick) employees, she uses her knowledge in the field of Transactional Analysis, Voice Dialogue, EFT, Systemic Working and DISC, and Motives to discuss and interpret matters in an objective manner.

International Vitality Conference 2021 - Mastery in Vitality

The time has come! On April 22, 2021 the International Vitality Conference 2021 with this year's theme Mastery in Vitality will take place. For decades, we have experienced an enormous increase in the perception of work pressure, stress and burnout worldwide. It is therefore about time to bring the brightest minds together so that knowledge and expertise can be shared in the field of vitality and well-being. Because only if we are vital and resilient together we can manage the social, economic and environmental challenges of tomorrow.
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